My Work

MEJO 180 Photo Story

For this project, each student was given the opportunity to shoot a topic they were interested in and create a photo story out of it. I chose to shoot one of my friends, Macy Blake, who has a passion for horseback riding.

Click on the image to see my entire project.

MEJO 377 Magazine Project

In this course, each group in the class was required to write and design a magazine to cover UNC-Chapel Hill athletes. My group and I interviewed a variety of athletes and wrote stories about who they play for.

Click on the image to read our issue of Carolina Unlocked.

MEJO 121 Digital Storytelling Final Project

In this class, each student was assigned to pick a topic and tell its story through audio, video and multimedia. I chose to transform Cassandra Gallagher’s story into a multimedia format to help raise awareness for her husband’s journey with colon cancer and their association with Camp Southern Ground.

Click on the image above to see my way of telling their story.

MEJO 379 Research on Entertainment Sector of Chapel Hill, North Carolina

In my MEJO 379 class, my group and I researched the entertainment sector of Chapel Hill and put together a report that includes recommendations for businesses in the area to follow. We conducted surveys and interviews from UNC-CH students and residents to help propose these solutions.

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MEJO 137 “Better Together” Campaign

In my MEJO 137 class, my group and I were prompted to conduct research on Gillette and create ideas for potential press junkets and events for them. Our goal was to target Gillette’s projects to the entire adult population rather than just its typical masculine consumers.

Click on the page above to read our report.